Meet messenger marketing

Automate marketing and support on WhatsApp

Create chatbots and sales funnels in a few minutes.
Respond all requests from WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook in one place
Easy chatbot builder for WhatsApp

Everything you need for sales in messengers

Use HighTouch to communicate with customers via all messengers and social networks. Increase sales without missing a single message

Build chatbot
in a few minutes

Start with a template focused on your business. Build your own bot with our simple drag and drop interface.
Free templates library
Powerful chatbot builder

Chat with clients
in a single window

Connect multiple WhatsApp / Facebook accounts. Setup routing rules. Respond automatically or with bot assigning dialogs to human agents in complex cases.
Connect all the accounts
Route dialogs between bot and humans

Marketing & promo campaigns in messengers

Send interactive messages to your customers! Easily track and notify your users with WhatsApp HSM templates that can be sent automatically or as a targeted marketing campaign to specific segments of your audience.
Smart broadcasts and sales funnels
The opening rate is over 80%

Get More with integrations

Connect HighTouch with Integromat, Zapier, and other favourite tools. Fetch external data using programmable http-request and trigger HighTouch through rich API
Integrate with favourite tools
Rich API and Webhooks

News and business insight from our expert team.

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We are much more than a chatbot builder

Several employees can communicate from a single WhatsApp number
Several employees can communicate from a single WhatsApp number
Customer segmentation based on chatbot responses
Sending template messages to WhatsApp, HSM
Visual and flexible chatbot builder
A/B Testing
Support for developers
History of communication with customers
Advanced analysis and reporting
Product catalog and shopping cart in messenger
Autofunnels and message chains
UTM Tags for WhatsApp
UTM Tags
Whatsapp link generator
Whatsapp link generator
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